In the land far away from anywhere, there was a man.

He woke up every day, trying to be better. He tried to listen, he tried not to.

He’s been going around in circles, sometimes squares, only to find himself in same place again.

He looked at himself, and he knew.

Sometimes he didn’t understand himself, sometimes he did.

You see, the problem was that every morning, he was a different man.

Every time when he wen to sleep, his mind was wiped clean, like formatting a computer.

The only thing that was left, were his habits.

Now, this is really what this story is about. And that men, that’s in fact you.

Every day you wake up, do things, and then go to sleep, only never to wake up again.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Looking for opportunity to invest your hard-earned money?

Welcome to the club of humanity.

It seems as if everybody is out there looking for another hustle, another side gig, another way to make money.

You’ve got passive stock market, which for many is way too slow.

There’s crypto, nft’s, and all other financial instruments with names I can’t properly write without those red wiggly lines under.

Houses? Boring.

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

There’s a tug of war that begins every time a CGI artist hears the word “cost estimate”.

It’s a war between heart and head.

In our head we know we need to estimate a project. Clients have budgets and we need to make a living.

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Everybody knows that visuals are important.

It’s not a new thing although you might argue that they are becoming more and more important in today’s digital age. A picture is worth a 1000 words, right? Better have a good one.

The origin of that old adage dates back to playwright Henrik Ibsen who said

“A thousand words leaves not the same deep impression as does a single deed”.

He died in 1906 and since then the quote has plagiarized and paraphrased until it ended in the adage we know today. But the sentiment was actually echoed much earlier than that…

Watch this article on youtube—

White beaches, emerald sea, palm trees.

It’s the picture you get in your mind when you think of a remote tropical island paradise.

by jeremy chong

There is a story that when the French painter Paul Delaroche saw the first photographs around 1840, he proclaimed “From today, painting is dead.”

Quite clearly, the art of painting didn’t die but it’s role as the primary medium for recording images was usurped by the new technology.

Now, 180 years later, there’s a new kid on the block — computer generated imagery or CGI.

Still from our project for Renault Twingo

Picture the scenario:

You’ve got an amazing product, and have made the smart decision to produce original content to boost sales.

You’ve heard about CGI, so you are already way ahead of your competition, and… here’s come the BUT.

The CGI studio you’ve engaged is describing a sequence involving pans and zooms, all designed to bring out the key features of your product, including a low angle that will make the product “pop”, slow motion exploded views, and the list goes on and on.

Sounds good, really good, amazing actually, right?

Reality check.

How do you know it’s really going…

still from one of our product videos

In today’s marketing ecosystem, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Basic techniques that may have worked in the past are no longer enough to catch the attention of your audience.

shocker right?

While this may leave you wondering how to compete, there’s a very simple, yet often overlooked solution:

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

Animation may seem out of reach: an option available only to massive companies with million-dollar marketing budgets, but that’s no longer the case.

You’ve heard it and have no idea how to think about it?

Well, don’t worry, everyone’s been there. Motion Design is fairly new slice of the creative industry, which in fact is just a mix of three more popular categories:

  • Design — Sh*t’s got to look good.
  • Animation — it needs to be moving.
  • Filmmaking — and each of those movements need to have a purpose.

Wrapping your head around the concept of motion design can be very easy when you look at the examples which I seperate into two main categories — Classics, and Modern.

The Classic examples can…

Case Study + field notes

Flying women.

I’m sitting in the car, snow has already covered my windshield. It’s December, minus 15 celsius degrees and I’m already waiting 30 minutes for two people from ad agency to visit their client in some random city in the vicinity of Warsaw/Poland.

My red Mercedes is parked among white trees and it begs for some “symmetrical, over saturated, with hints of blue” instagram pic.


I have to be focused. I’m on the mission.

Music is on, and I go over my concept one more time.

I haven’t seen such commercial anywhere. I think.

Conference room, with a huge refrigerator…

Iggy Pacanowski

Creative Workflow Expert— CGI for marketing —

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